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Latest News & Announcements

Sec 1 Meet The Parents Information Slides

Dear Parents of Sec 1 Students, please click here to view the information shared with all parents during the Sec 1 Parent Teacher Meeting session.

Sec 4/5 Meet The Parents Information Slides

Dear Parents of Sec 4/5 Students, please click here to view the information shared with all parents during the Sec 4/5 Parent Teacher Meeting session.

Self-Nomination Form for the 14th Student Council For Students (2018)

Sec 3 Meet The Parents Information Slides

Dear Parents of Sec 3 Students, please click here to view the information shared with all parents during the Sec 3 Parent Teacher Meeting session.

2017 GCE O-Level Results Release

On Friday, 12 th January 2018, the school’s 2017 O-Level examination candidates received their much anticipated GCE O-level results.

For the candidates, this event signifies the beginning of a new journey which they will embark on after their 4-5 years of education in Dunearn. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

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Sign up for Higher Institution and Career Week 2018

To all Secondary 4 and 5 students, Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Committee will be bringing you the Higher Institution and Career Week 2018 from 29th January (Monday) to 2nd February (Friday). Please click here to sign up for your preferred career and educational talks by 22nd January 2018 Monday (5pm).

Sec 2 Meet The Parents Information Slides

Dear Parents of Sec 2 Students, please click here to view the information shared with all parents during the Sec 2 Parent Teacher Meeting session.

Modern Dance CNY Video

Dunearn Secondary School was invited to participate in Mediacorp’s Lunar New Year 2018 Music Video. 

It was a sizeable and enriching opportunity for our students as they got to witness and participate in authentic filming processes. Also, they were able to collaborate with various artists and interact with like-minded dancers of different age groups. 

This has been a meaningful learning experience for our Dunearnites and they look forward to widening their exposure in the Arts.

JC and Polytechnic Open House Dates 2018

To all graduating students, the open house dates for all junior colleges and polytechnic institutions can now be viewed here

Release of the 2017 GCE O-Level Examination Results on 12 January 2018

The results of the 2017 GCE O-Level Examination will be released on Friday, 12 January 2018 at 2:30 p.m.   

School candidates are to report to school at 21 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, S(659204) and to be seated in the hall by 2:15 p.m. Candidates are to be properly attired in their school uniform with proper hairstyle and hair colour.

Dunearn Celebrates the Achievement and Progress of Our students in the 2017 GCE N-Level Exam

website photo 1.jpg
Congratulations to all students who have done well and performed above their expectations!

website photo 2.jpg
The school would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers and parents for their effort in supporting our 4N students in this challenging but very rewarding journey. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours - may they be ‘determined and disciplined’ always, wherever they may be!

Release of the 2017 GCE N(A) and N(T) Level Examination Results on 18 December 2017

The results of the 2017 GCE N(A) and N(T) Level Examinations will be released on  Monday, 18 December 2017 at 2pm.

School candidates are to report to school at 247 JALAN BOON LAY S(619522) and to be seated in the hall by 1.40pm. Candidates are to be properly attired in their school uniform with proper hairstyle and hair colour.

Sale of Textbooks

Dear Sec 2 - 4 parents (Year 2018), please note that the sale of textbooks will take place at the current location (Jalan Boon Lay site) from now till the 15th of Dec (Friday). Opening hours are from 9am to 3pm, Mondays to Fridays. All book sales at the Jalan Boon Lay location will cease from 16th Dec onwards.

Sales of textbooks will commence again at the Bukit Batok location (21 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, S659204) from the 26th to 29th Dec, Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

Secondary 3 Subject and Class Allocation 2018 Appeal Results

To all current Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic students, the appeal results for the Secondary 3 Subject and Class Allocation 2018 can be viewed here under 'Forms and Documents'. Students may proceed to make arrangements to purchase the necessary books for the new academic year in 2018.

Subject and Class Allocation for Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic Students for the Academic Year 2018

To all current Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic students, the results for the allocation of your Secondary 3 classes for the year 2018 can be viewed from the files under “Sec 3 Express and 3 Normal Academic Subject and Class Allocation 2018” from "Forms and Documents" located on the left of the home page of the school website. Please download the files “information_2017” and “appeal _form_2017” for detailed information and procedure of submitting an appeal for the subject and class allocation.

Please note that the deadline for submitting an appeal is 15th Nov 2017, Wednesday. Results for all appeal cases will be released on the 17th Nov 2017, Friday

Sec 1 to 5 Booklists for Academic Year 2018

To all students and parents,

Please be informed that the list of books for the academic year 2018 is now available for your reference under ‘Forms and Documents’ on the school website. Parents and students can proceed to make the necessary arrangements to purchase the books for the new academic year 2018.

Maths Peer Mentoring Programme

Dunearn Secondary School has been partnering with Unity Primary School in the Mathematics Peer Mentoring Programme for the past few years. This programme is organised annually during the June holidays at Unity Primary School. Dunearn Secondary students voluntarily sacrificed their time to assist the Unity Primary 6 students in their Mathematics to prepare for PSLE. Friendships were fostered between the mentors and mentees through this enriching experience. We hope that the precious time the students spent together will be memorable and fruitful.

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EDN Media Pena Emasku National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2017

The Malay Language unit participated in the Pena Emasku National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2017 organised by EDN Media Pte Ltd with the aim to instil level of confidence and critical thinking skills in our students as well as to sharpen their writing skills. There were a total of 450 entries from 42 schools in Singapore. 40 of Dunearn students participated in this annual event. We are pleased to announce that Siti Jannatul Arfiah Bte Moharum did the school proud by being in the Top 30 and obtaining the 10th position. Our school also walked away with the Overall Best Team Championship Trophy by winning 40 Gold Awards. Well done Dunearnites!


Teacher's Day Celebration - 30th Aug

In view of Dunearn Sec Teachers' Day celebration, the school dismissal time on 30th Aug (Wed) will be at 11 a.m. 

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition 2017

On 20 July 2017, 12 students from the Normal stream participated in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition 2017. One of the students, Jacinta Saw Weiqi from 2 Pearl, has attained the first position in the Lower Secondary Normal (Academic) category and has received her award at a Prize Presentation Ceremony held at Clementi Town Secondary School.

We congratulate her on her excellent results!

Sec 1 - 3 End of Year Examination

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We wish to inform you that we will be conducting the Sec 1 to 3 End-of-Year Examination from 3 Oct 2017 (Tuesday) to 13 Oct 2017 (Friday). A hard copy of the schedule and further details has been given to the students. You may also download the letter to parents and exam schedules here.

Honours Day 2017

Honours Day 2017 was held on 11 and 18 July to recognise the achievements of top performers in the First Semestral Examination and motivate students to excel in their studies.

This year, the school is pleased to present the Best in Subject, Best in Level, Most Value Added, Student of the Term, Best Class Competition, "Pledges on a Flag" Competition, NUS Geography Challenge and Ignite Skills Challenge 2017 awards to a total of 152 students from Secondary One to Five.



Congratulations to all prize winners and keep up the good work!

Secondary Two Subject Combination and Allocation Exercise for Secondary Three 2018

To all parents of Secondary 2 students, please be informed that the information handout and PowerPoint slides for parents can be found here for your reference. 

Sec 2 Allocation.JPG

ECHA 2017 -  Nomination

Nominations for Edusave Character Award (ECHA) 2017 are open from 28th Jul 2017 (Fri) to 11th Aug 2017 (Fri), 3pm.  Please click here for more details.

Dunearn Presents at the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Summit 2017

On 6th July 2017, Dunearn presented at the inaugural Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Summit (CWSAS) 2017 held at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). The CWSAS is a biennial event that is held to recognise and celebrate schools’ efforts to promote Cyber Wellness through their Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors

Dunearn was one of the thirteen schools out of more than two hundred schools that were selected to showcase the school’s Cyber Wellness advocacy efforts in promoting a positive Cyber Wellness culture in the school.The presentation was prepared and led by four of our Cyber Wellness Student  Ambassadors at the CWSAS and they were Rebecca Phua (4 EM2), Chan Si Ning, Boh Xuan Ning and Nina Azalea (4 SP).






This year, the CWSAS was graced by Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social and Family Development as the Guest-of-Honour for the event. In his presence, the new resource for teachers called the “Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Training Handbook” was launched successfully at the summit. The handbook was developed to encourage more student-driven Cyber Wellness initiatives at the school level and we are delighted to share that Dunearn is one of the schools featured in the handbook.


At the CWSAS, six Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors from six different schools received their inaugural “Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Award (CWSA)”, an award which recognised their commitment and leadership in championing school-wide Cyber Wellness outreach efforts and positively influencing their peers. We are pleased to announce that our student ambassador, Rebecca Phua Zi Wei from 4 EM2 was one of the six awardees.


Congratulations to our Dunearnites who have done our school proud!

Ace-In-Mathematics Mathematics Competitions Results

In Semester 1, our Ace-in- Mathematics (AIM) members participated in two Mathematics competitions and some of the members have achieved excellent results and have been awarded the following prizes:

For the Singapore Mathematics Kangaroo Competition 2017,





































For the Singapore and Asian Schools Mathematics Olympiad 2017,










The three award recipients have been invited to compete in the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge in July and the International Junior Math Olympiad which will be held in Cambodia in August.

We congratulate them on their excellent results!

International Friendship Day 2017

This year, the Mathematics Department commemorated International Friendship Day and the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN by organising a series of learning experiences from 3rd to 7th April 2017.

Students are engaged in Values Talk on appreciating our ASEAN neighbours’ unique culture and how the establishment of ASEAN protects regional peace and accelerates economic growth. At the end of the talk, students penned down their reflection on how each individual can maintain and promote friendly ties among neighbouring countries.

1st pic.jpg
As part of an enriching and immersive learning experience designed for the students during the International Friendship commemorative week, class representatives from lower secondary classes participated in an International Day Exhibition organised by the Singapore Discovery Centre.

In a globalised world that we live in today, there is a need to address how countries, and individuals are interconnected and interdependent on one another. At the exhibition, students embarked on an adventure to 'travel' and experience cultures around the world. A series of immersive multisensory activities within the exhibition also invoked learning experiences of our evolving global landscape and highlighted why an open and connected Singapore is vital to our survival and success. A game-based lesson was also conducted that allow our students to understand the geo-political realities of living in an interconnected world. All in all, everyone had an enjoyable time learning.

2nd pic.jpg
3rd pic.jpg4th pic.jpg5th pic.jpg6th pic.jpg7th pic.jpg8th pic.jpg9th pic.jpg

Secondary 4 and 5 Preliminary Examination 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We wish to inform you that we will be conducting the Sec 4NA/NT ‘N’ Level Preliminary Examination from 7 Aug 2017 (Monday) to 18 Aug 2017 (Friday). 

The Secondary 4E/5N ‘O’ Level Preliminary Examination will be conducted from 28 Aug 2017 (Monday) to 29 Aug 2017 (Tuesday), and from 11 Sep 2017 (Monday) to 21 Sep 2017 (Thursday).

A hard copy of the schedule and further details have been given to the students. You may also download the letter to parents and exam schedules here.

EAE Talks

Attention to all 4E/5NA students:

Early Admission Exercise (EAE) is just around the corner. The polytechnics will be conducting EAE Talks for both parents and students in May and June. Students who are keen to find out more about EAE are encouraged to register for the talks. The EAE Talks’ details are as followed: 

1. Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

  • EAE Parent’s Seminar – 27th May (Sat) 9.00am – 2.00pm (NYP Block A)
  • 22nd, 23rd, 27th June: 2.00pm - 5.00pm (Block A, Central, NYP Lounge, Level 3)
  • 28th June; 2.00-4.00 pm (Block A, Central, NYP Lounge, Level 3)
Note: Online registration is required in the following link -

2. Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

3. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)

4. Republic Polytechnic (RP)

  • EAE Parents Talk at Lecture Theatre Blk W2 (21 st June, 6.00pm - 9.00pm)
  • Counselling Service @ RP Career Centre (Blk W1) - Application phase (22nd - 28th June)
  • Counselling Service @ RP Career Centre (Blk W1) - Offer and Acceptance phase (28th - 31st August)

5. Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

  • EAE Talk at PG (Parental Guidance) Seminar (17th June, 9.30am) @ Temasek Convention Centre
Note: Registration is required at the following link- http://tp.edu.sg/pgseminar

Only for current year Secondary 4E and 5N students and parents.

Registration Of O-Level Music

This announcement goes to all students in Secondary 2 Express, Secondary 2 Normal Academic and Secondary 3 Normal Academic. The registration for O-Level Music courses for the academic year of 2018-2019 is now open. If you are keen to sign up or want to have more information about the courses, please look for Mr. Vu for more information. The registration is closing on 3rd July.

Will You Be Spending Too Much Time Online This Jun Holidays?

10 Healthy Things To Do During This School Break!

School Break Infographic (For Students)m.jpg

13th Student Council Presidential Election Online Voting Form - For Students

Participate in the ‘Love Your Food Contest 2017’

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.42.54 AM.png

In conjunction with Youth for the Environment Day (YED) 2017, ‘Love Your Food Contest’ will be held on 21st April 2017 to encourage students to adopt the daily eco habit of ordering only what they can finish and to demonstrate a collective movement towards the positive behaviour of Let’s not be wasteful’!

Love Your Food Contest’ is open to all students and staff in Dunearn. To join this contest, students and teachers will need to take and share photos of them and their empty plates of fully consumed meals on Instagram. The two-step procedure to participate in the contest is as follows.

Step 1: Take creative pictures/GIFs/short videos of your students with their empty plates.

Step 2: Upload the photos to Instagram with the hashtags #yed2017 #loveyourfood2017 #DunearnSecondarySchool

Dunearn Secondary School 55th Speech and   Prize-Giving Day


Dunearn Secondary School had our 55th Speech and Prize-Giving Day celebrations on the 3rd March 2017. The theme was “Learning with Passion, Leading with Purpose”. Our Guest-of- Honour was Mr Danny Chua (Managing Director, CYC International Pte Ltd) who studied in Dunearn 1987 – 1994. He was also in the last batch of Pre-University students. A total of 207 Academic Awards and 29 Dunearn Service Awards were given out to recognize the good work of our students and staffs. We had a Parade segment with our Uniform Groups from Scouts and St John Singapore as the Guard-of- Honour, and NCC and NPCC forming the contingents. It was followed by the Awards Ceremony and the Concert Performance with our Performing Arts groups from Guzheng, MCS, Modern Dance and Choir. The evening concluded with a sumptuous buffet dinner. Our invited guests praised our staffs and students in their efforts and time put in to put up a good show for the evening.

Please click here to view the photos taken of Speech Day 2017.

Let’s Have Breakfast Together!



On 10th March 2017, Friday morning (the last day of Term 1), our students and teachers enjoyed a great time of bonding by having breakfast together in the classrooms. The teachers also facilitated activities for students to learn about caring for one another, as well as developing peer support mindset and skills through social awareness, help-seeking and help-giving. Indeed, everyone in Dunearn Secondary helps to foster a supportive and caring school culture!









Letters to Parents and Exam Schedules 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,
We wish to inform you that we will be conducting the Mid-Year Examination from 26 Apr 2017 (Wednesday) to 8 May 2017(Monday), and from 12 May 2017 (Friday) to 15 May 2017 (Monday). A hard copy of the schedule and further details have been given to the students. You may also download the letter to parents and exam schedules under Forms and Documents.

Higher Institution and Career Week 2017

Monday, 20 Feb 2017


Term 1 Week 5 had been an exciting week for the students from the graduating classes. They took part in our annual Higher Institution and Career Week organised by the Educational Career Guidance Committee. Various institution of higher learning, such as NAFA, Junior Colleges and all the polytechnics took part in this event. Valuable information on post-secondary school education was shared with our students. Our students also had the opportunity to learn more about the changes and development in these institutions from the lecturers and presenters.



The highlight of the event was the sharing on career choices by members of our alumni. We have a group of successful ex-students who returned to share their experience with their juniors. Some of the career choices shared were Architect, Food technologist and police. These talks have benefitted our students greatly as they provide some insight for our students, and it also motivates them to work hard in their studies.

We will also be showcasing our alumni members in the coming months, do look out for their stories on the school website.

Total Defence Day Commemorative Week 2017

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017

This year, the Humanities Department commemorated the significance of Total Defence Day by organising a series of learning experiences from 13th - 17th Feb 2017. With a changing social and political global landscape which brings along threats to Singapore’s security, it is timely to impress on students that it is the responsibility of all Singaporeans to ensure Singapore’s security. Students engaged in an activity called “Expressing our Allegiance, Pledges on a Flag” to pen down their loyalty, commitment, and willpower to overcome challenges.

pledges 2.jpeg 
As part of an enriching and immersive learning experience designed for the students during the Total Defence commemorative week, class representatives from each class participated in a Total Defence Exhibition organised by the Singapore Discovery Centre. As part of the exhibition, students were informed of the significance of the five pillars of total defence and participated in activities which highlighted their importance. They learnt how to put out fire, basic CPR skills and other useful life skills. More importantly, all of them had fun while learning.

TD Lecture.jpeg SDC Visit 1.jpeg CPR.jpg run.jpeg salute.jpeg

Chinese New Year 2017

Friday, 27 Feb 2017



lantern 4.jpg


lantern 3.jpg

As part of the Chinese New Year Celebration 2017, the Mother Tongue department has organised a lantern-making competition for Secondary One, Two and Four students. In par with the year of the rooster, the students brought their own ang baos and recyclable materials to make their own rooster-themed lanterns in their groups which comprises of students from different races and backgrounds. It was fascinating to see students of diverse backgrounds working hand in hand and using their creative juices to create their own lanterns! The best two lanterns from each class were then submitted for competition, and after that, two winners were chosen per level.


The Secondary Three and Five students, they were involved in packing and delivering of hampers for the residents of Blk 177 & 178, Boon Lay Drive. This was organised in partnership with the South West Community Development Council. Each hamper comprises daily necessities such as rice, canned food and toiletries. The hampers were packed by the Secondary Three students and were then distributed by the Secondary Five students and the Student Council Outreach and Advocacy Committee on the eve of Chinese New Year.