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Craft & Technology Department


A Dare-to-think and Dare-to-do community.

  • A person who dares to think understands the current practices, appreciates the rationales behind, yet has the courage to challenge them and think beyond for greater improvement.
  • A person who dares to do will put his/her thinking into actions, take initiative and ownership for greater improvement. He/she dares to try out new things, is willing to take risk and looks at failure as lessons and stepping stones for further success.
  • A community is a group of people who share a common interest or purpose, who work hand in hand together to achieve a common goal.

Through the teaching and learning of Art, D&T and F&N, we aims to nurture our students and staff into compassionate, optimistic, collaborative and creative problem solvers.

Craft & Technology Department - Staff Photo


Mr Wang Hong Wei 

SH Craft & Technology (internal)

Ms Joanna George

Art Teacher

Ms Tay An Na Art Teacher

Ms Farah Dilla Sulaiman

Allied Educator

Ms Siti Arnie Mohd Affandi

F&N Coordinator

Ms Ng Mei Ferng

F&N Teacher

Ms Nur Diana Jailani F&N Teacher

Mr Yap Heong Teck

D&T Teacher

Ms Chen Pei Lien

D&T Teacher

Mr Rohim Saat

D&T Instructor

Mr Tan Eng Khwan

D&T instructor

Key Programmes

Craft & Technology - Framework