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Principal's Message

Welcome to Dunearn Secondary School website

To all the new students and parents, welcome to the Dunearn family.

Our School is currently undergoing the 2-year PRIME programme to renew its building and facilities. When the new school building is completed at the end of 2017, we shall move back and enjoy a larger and better state-of-the-arts learning environment from 2018. As such, we are now temporarily relocated at Jalan Boon Lay for about 2 years.

Established in 1962, our School has benefited from the wise leadership of our former school leaders who guided the School to expand its strengths and distinctiveness, and find its place in the community. Collectively they have left an outstanding legacy of growth and achievements which all students and staff are proud of.

Guided by our mission of Nurturing Dunearnites to learn with passion and lead with purpose, we provide a caring and engaging learning environment for the students, our teachers and staff run programmes and experiential learning for the students inside and outside the classroom. We strive for innovation and effectiveness, continuously improving our lesson and curriculum design. For example, we have the STEM Applied Learning Programme that supplements students’ learning about food science and technology, and the Learning for Life Programme on student character and leadership development. All these endeavours are grounded in the care and guidance of our teachers and staff, who nurture the students through their secondary school years. Other than academic achievements and relevant life skills, our students also possess R3ICH values that empower them to contribute to society and nation.

This all-rounded learning environment that Dunearn Secondary offers is achieved thanks to partnership with our stakeholders. The parents, Alumni, School Advisory Committee and various community partners play an essential role in setting the programmes and direction of the school to better the well-being of the students. With their help, and with the dedication and commitment of our teachers and staff, we will continue to make Dunearn Secondary a school that nurtures Dunearnites to be their best, anchored with strong sense of purpose and a deep desire to create their future.

Enjoy exploring our website…

Thank you

Mdm Tan Miao Ling


Dunearn Secondary School