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Cyber Wellness in Dunearn

What is Cyber Wellness?

Cyber Wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users and a healthy cyber culture for the internet community and it involves an understanding of the risks of harmful online behaviour, and an awareness of how to protect oneself and others from such behaviour.

Cyber Wellness is a major concern in today's highly technology-driven society where our youth actively engages in various kinds of cyber affairs such as network gaming, virtual chatting, online shopping, online researching and many other activities that the Internet can support. Following the rise of people involved in cyber activities, the emergence of internet-related crimes such as cyber-bullying, rape, intrusion of privacy, theft and piracy have made our youth in particular a very vulnerable demographic.

Educators and parents can play a part in educating and protecting their students and children from these threats by understanding and teaching Cyber Wellness to the young both in school and at home.

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Cyber Wellness Framework in Dunearn

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In Dunearn, we believe that it is not enough for a student to learn how to protect oneself but to also be able to protect his or her loved ones and friends. Hence, it is important for the students to share the knowledge and spread the message so that everyone in the community can participate safely online. In order to achieve this, in addition to the Cyber Wellness syllabus that all students are taught during their Values Education lessons, Cyber Wellness is actively promoted in Dunearn by the Cyber Wellness Ambassadors from the New Media Club which educates students from all secondary levels to achieve the following two principles as a user in cyberspace:

  • Students learn to respect oneself and others online e.g. not surfing inappropriate websites, abusing the Internet by carrying out illegal virtual activities or committing plagiarisms
  • Students also learn to be responsible users online e.g. knowing how to protect oneself and avoid being harmed in the virtual world, understanding and being aware of the consequences of certain decisions or behaviours made and manifested online such as game addictions, cyber-bullying and online chatting.

Through sharing by the ambassadors, students should be able to infuse the following 3-step process when they engage in cyber activities:

  • Sense  – Students should be able to “sense” any harm when they are exposed to any danger or risks in the virtual world
  • Think  – Students should be able to analyse and evaluate issues related to Cyber Wellness
  • Act  – Students should be able to apply what they have learnt to become responsible users when they are online

The Cyber Wellness Ambassadors will go through an intensive Cyber Wellness Ambassador Training Programme in collaboration with TOUCH Cyber Wellness to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills on how to be discerning and responsible internet users in the cyber world.

At the end of the Training Programme, the Cyber Wellness ambassadors will be able to:

  • understand their roles and their part to play as cyber wellness advocates in promoting positive cyber wellness culture in school
  • gain basic knowledge of general cyber wellness issues and be equipped with the cyber wellness knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to advise their peers
  • communicate cyber wellness messages effectively from the youth’s viewpoint to the school community

In order to ensure the outreach of promoting CW values to the students is adequately extensive, every class has an appointed Cyber Wellness Representative, whose responsibility is to deliver and propagate the CW advocacy efforts and activities from the CW student ambassadors to their classmates in their respective classes. 

Dunearn will also engage parents’ support in the process of inculcating Cyber Wellness values in their children by helping parents to understand cyber wellness issues and risks, as well as involve parents in reinforcing cyber wellness principles at home.

Together with the support from parents and students themselves, Dunearn students will grow and develop to become safe and responsible online users in the cyber world.

Need Help To Solve Cyber Wellness Issues?

You don't have to be alone to solve your Cyber Wellness problems. The following list of assistance is available for you to contact for help!

Dunearn School Counsellor

Contact our school's counsellor, Mdm Fitriah, who is always ready to provide counselling help for your Cyber Wellness problems.

Email:  fitriah_abdul_ghani@moe.edu.sg

TOUCH Cyber Wellness  

TOUCH Cyber Wellness is a one-stop resource centre which provides counselling services for Cyber Wellness problems for all age groups.

Email:  cyberwellness@touch.org.sg

TOUCHLine: 1800 337 2252 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm)

Tel: 6377 0122

Website:  www.planetcrush.org

Fei Yue Community Services – Project 180 (Youth Services)

Project 180 (Youth Services) is a youth centre under the umbrella of Fei Yue Community Services, supported by the South East Community Development Council and the National Youth Council (NYC). Project 180 team comprises trained Social Workers, Counsellors and Youth Workers to provide professional help to youths and families through a variety of programmes and activities.

Email:  project180@fycs.org

Tel: 6422 1599  

Website: http://www.fycs.org/

Child Guidance Clinic, Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Child Guidance Clinic is always ready to provide psychiatric help for youth/ children with impulsitivity disorder, anger management, oppositional defiant disorder, etc.

Email:  hpb@imh.com.sg

Tel: 6435 3879

Sunrise Wing Child Guidance Clinic

Sunrise Wing is another medical centre which provides psychiatric help for youth/ children with impulsitivity disorder, anger management, oppositional defiant disorder, etc.

Email:  imh_appt@imh.com.sg

Tel: 6389 2200