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O Level Result Release

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

O Level Result Release - Photo 01
On Wednesday, 11 January 2016, the school’s 2016 O Level examination candidates received their much anticipated 2016 GCE O-level results, witnessed by their parents and teachers.
O Level Result Release - Photo 02

O Level Result Release - Photo 03

There was much to cheer about when Mdm Tan, the school’s Principal, shared with the school the list of students who excelled academically. This year, Dunearn had 14 students from 4Exp who achieved at least 5 Distinctions and 4 students from 5NA who achieved at least 3 Distinctions.

For the 2016 candidates, this event signifies the beginning of a new journey they embark on after their 4-5 years of academic effort and holistic development in DSS. Dunearn Secondary wishes them all the best in their future endeavours!

Dunearn Secondary School Junior Student Councillor Self-Nomination Form

Dear Students, 

Please complete the entire form as accurately as possible.
Self Nomination will begin on Friday, 13 Jan 2017 and end next Friday, 20 Jan 2017, 5pm sharp. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Visit the link here :

Thank you. 

Online Consent for Dental Services


Dear Parent/Guardian, 
This message is from Health Promotion Board, with regards to Dental Care for our pupils. 

To promote good oral health for your child, the Health Promotion Board continue to procide free dental checks, at specified times during school hours in schools. 

Parents of secondary school children must give consent before their children can receive such services. Every year to date, over 90% of parents have done so. 

To make it more convienient and secure, we have launched a new portal to submit your consent online. It only takes three steps: 

1. Log on to using your SingPass with 2-factor authentication (2FA).
You may register for SingPass by visiting OR any SingPass counter. The location of SingPass counters and instructions for 2FA activation are available on

2. Type in your child's NRIC number

3. Fill up and submit the medical form 

Please submit your consent online by 15 Jan 2017. You may contact the school at 6565 3692 should you require a hard copy of the form instead.

Thank you. 

Release of GCE 'O' Level Result 2016 on 11 January 2016


The results for GCE 'O' Level 2016 will be released on Wednesday, 11 January 2017 in school. Candidates are to be seated in the hall by 1.40pm. Students are reminded to bring their JAE booklet and be appropriately attired in school uniforms. 

For students who have misplaced your JAE booklet, you can obtain a soft copy online at the following link:

Polytechnics’ Open House 2017

The polytechnics will be having their open house on 5th of January (Thursday) - 7th of January (Saturday), from 10am to 6pm! Graduating students are encouraged to visit the respective polytechnics at your own time. 

For more information, please refer to the websites below.

Release of GCE N(A) and N(T) Level Result 2016 on 19 December 2016 at 2pm

Announcement.pngThe results for GCE N(A) and N(T) Level 2016 will be released on Monday, 19 December at 2pm in school. Before the release, students will be briefed on the Joint Intake Exercise 2016 and given ITE’s Admission Booklet with ITE’s Traineeship brochure.

Candidates are to report to the school at 247 JALAN BOON LAY S(619522) and be seated in the hall by 1.40pm. Students are reminded to be appropriately attired in school uniforms.

Secondary Two and Four Booklists for Academic Year 2017

Dear Secondary 2 and 4 parents, the booklists for the secondary 2 and 4 levels for the academic year 2017 can now be viewed and downloaded from the school website under " Forms & Documents " on the left hand side of the page. 

Thank you.

The New Dunearn Secondary School @Bukit Batok

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016

East Elevation View from HDB driveway
View from Bukit Batok Road
These are the artist impressions of the new Dunearn Secondary School buildings
which will be ready in January 2018.

Secondary Three Express and Normal Academic Subject and Class Allocation Appeal Results 2017

To all Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic students of the current academic year, you may now view the results of the appeals for the Sec 3 Express and Normal Academic Subject and Class Allocation 2017 under the folder “Sec 3 Express and 3 NA Subject and Class Allocation 2017” from "Forms and Documents" located on the left of the home page of the school website. 

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders lending a helping hand in Room for Improvement project in Hong Kah North

Saturday, 22 Oct 2016

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 01

Our Student Councillors from the Outreach and Advocacy Committee had been in conversation with Southwest CDC representatives to discuss collaboration opportunities in community outreach programmes. Following the discussion, it was decided that Dunearn Secondary School will be adopting 40 needy households in the Hong Kah North Division. As part of our student leaders’ efforts to connect with these families, Student councillors Sylvia Wong and Chua Wen Hong led a group of 26 student leaders to Hong Kah North district to support the Youth Executive Committee (YEC) in the Room For Improvement Programme on 22nd October.  This was an effort to uplift the lives of needy children by improving their living environment and have a more conducive place to study. These families are specially selected after a series of house visits conducted by YEC. Our student leaders had a fulfilling day putting up new coats of paint, fixing new beds, study tables, bookshelves and chairs for these families. It was certainly worth the hard work to see the smiles on the children’s faces at the end of the day.

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 03

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 04

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 05

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 05

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 06

Dunearn Community Youth Leaders - Photo 07

Subject and Class Allocation for Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic Students for the Academic Year 2017

Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

To all current Secondary 2 Express and Normal Academic students, the results for the allocation of
your Secondary 3 classes for the year 2017 can be viewed from the files under “Sec 3 Express and 3 NA Subject and Class Allocation 2017” from "Forms and Documents" located on the left of the home page of the school website. Please download the files “information_2016” and “appeal _form_2016” for detailed information and procedure of submitting an appeal for the subject and class allocation. The subject and class allocation results can also be viewed from the notice board outside the general office. 

Please note that the deadline for submitting an appeal is 16th Nov 2016, Wednesday.
Results for all appeal cases will be released on the 18th Nov 2016, Friday.

Food For Thought

Thursday, 1 Nov 2016

ALP story on schoolbags.jpg

Student Kristy Lee (second from right) finds out the strength of tea by measuring the amount of light it absorbs. Stronger tea tends to be darker and absorbs more light. (Photo credit: Dunearn Secondary School)

Students at Dunearn Secondary School are putting what they’ve learned in their FSciTech classes into practice, including cutting down on eating fast food.

Ever since 14-year-old Secondary 2 student Kristy Lee learned about the calorie count of fast food, she has cut down on her intake and is now more careful about what she eats. “I am more aware of what I am eating, how often am I eating it and how many calories the food contains. Do I really need that energy or will it store as fats?” she says.

Lee is a student at Dunearn Secondary School and caloric content is just one of the lessons she’s learned during the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in FSciTech, or Food Science Technology.

The school started their ALP in 2015 with two objectives, according to Mr Nick Lee, the former Science HOD who is now the Upper Secondary Year Head. “Our first objective is to allow students to appreciate the relevance of their core subjects and experience real world applications. The other objective is to encourage students to look into STEM-related careers and learning opportunities in their tertiary education,” he says.

STEM is the acronym for the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The school decided to focus on a STEM-related ALP after looking at their students’ profiles and teachers’ strengths. As to why they decided to specialise in FSciTech, Mr Lee explains: “Food is something everyone needs and the nation needs good scientists to provide healthy food and also to raise awareness on what we can eat and what we should cut down on. FSciTech also wasn’t as popular with the other schools so we thought we could raise the profile of the subject.

Lessons to be learned

The complete programme runs over two years with one term in Secondary 1 and two terms in Secondary 2, where the first term focuses on the food science aspect and the second deals with technology.

The weekly classes last for an hour and the students go through a mix of theory and hands-on activities during the lessons. Some of the things students have learned include how to make fruit juice, testing the electrolyte level of energy drinks and also how gummies are made, which turned out to be a bittersweet lesson. “I found out that some gummies are made using chemicals. It’s weird and you don’t really want to eat it once you find out. But it’s tasty,” says Lee.

For the technology portion, students will learn basic programming and go through activities such as electronically monitoring the temperature of a product. “We want our students to be exposed to electronics, which is a subset of FSciTech,” says Mr Lee.

Current lessons are conducted by a STEM educator from STEM Inc, which is a collaboration between Science Centre Singapore and the Ministry of Education, and which was set up to provide support for schools pursuing STEM-related ALPs. However, teachers are expected to take over lessons this year.

Before the start of any lesson, the teachers try out the activities for themselves and do some troubleshooting to ensure the correct outcomes. “We have an ongoing preview session where teachers come together and watch as the STEM educator carries out a demonstration. In a way, we are undergoing training as well. We are all new to FSciTech,” says Mr Lee.

Real world results

It’s clear the programme’s first objective of helping students experience real world applications is showing signs of success. While Lee has cut down on eating fast food, her classmate, Cheah Siew Mun, also 14, now takes special care not to keep food in the freezer for too long after a lesson on freezer burn.

I learned that freezer burn reduces the nutrients in food,” says Cheah. “Before learning about it in class, I wouldn’t know about it and I wouldn’t care, but now I know we’re not supposed to keep things for too long in the freezer because it will reduce the amount of nutrients.

The second objective of the programme, which is to get students to consider FSciTech as a future option, is also bearing fruit. “I used to think I want to be a doctor. Now that I know about food science, I started looking into it as an option,” says Lee.

Cheah agrees: “I’m very interested in science and I’m also interested in food. I think working in the industry can be very fun.

Enjoying hands-on learning

The concept of ALP has caught on very well with the students. “I thought it would be just another theory-based subject but it was different and more hands-on so it was more exciting,” says Cheah. “And I began to look forward to it.

I used to think food is just food,” says Lee. “Going through ALP has made me change my thinking. You have to think about where the food comes from, and some use technology and chemicals, which is related to science, which is a subject I really like.

Both students agree that their favourite part of ALP is the hands-on activities. “The class is another break time for me because it’s very relaxing. You get to learn about something new and different. My favourite part is the experiments – watching the teacher demonstrate how to do it and showing us different stuff,” says Cheah.

Their least favourite part? The theory portions.

Plans for the future

The programme is still relatively new and the teachers are planning more and better things for the future. For example, they are looking at opportunities for Secondary 3 students to get out of school and visit industry partners to expose them to possible careers.

Another potential idea being bandied about is a school café venture where students can work on improving the quality of fruit juice. “Perhaps our students can look into how to make the product better. Maybe brand it and market it in Dunearn café and be an entrepreneur. We want them to think about how they can further apply their knowledge. We also want them to explore like young scientists in a safe environment with the guidance of teachers,” says Mr Lee.

Future Problem Solving Programme 2016 8th National Finals

Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016

Future Problem Solving Programme - Photo 01
Fifteen Dunearn Secondary School students from the Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) participated in the FPSP 8th National Finals held from 26 to 28 October 2016 in Raffles Girls’ School. In this competition, the students presented Project ICE which aims to address the problem of the increasing rate of food waste collected in Singapore and combat the lack of knowledge and understanding of reducing food waste. 

In their proposal, they have chosen to solve these problems by advocating the practice of reducing the amount of food waste amongst children and teenagers through strategies such as workshops conducted at public libraries and schools, a storybook aimed at the aforementioned demographic, and posters on food reduction tips. 

Future Problem Solving Programme - Photo 02
Despite the tight schedule after their End-of-Year examination to complete the preliminary report and prepare the display board and scrapbook, the students managed to work together to complete the required tasks for the competition to highlight their solution for the problem.

Future Problem Solving Programme - Photo 03
Dunearn Secondary School was awarded the Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Certificate of Recognition for their proposal to make a difference to the community and environment.

The following is an excerpt of the reflection of the FPSP Team Leader, Sia Yi Zhen from 2 Opal:

I had learnt many things, not only about reducing food waste, but also leadership and teamwork. The journey has been really meaningful, educational and yet fun at the same time. I am really proud of what we have achieved as a team!

Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2016

Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016

ITEA 2016_Individual_Naznin.jpg
ITEA 2016 with Mdm Tan.jpg

Congratulations to Ms Naznin Rehana Begum for being one of the winners of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2016 (Teaching Award).

ITEA 2016 Individual_Naznin_Trophy.jpg

Now in its ninth year, the awards are jointly presented by The Straits Times and the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM), and supported by the Ministry of Education.

Ms Naznin, a teacher of 11 years, said: "I truly enjoy working with teenagers, and the opportunity to continue enjoying one of my favourite subjects through young people is what keeps my passion for teaching strong.

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award acknowledges teachers who have been instrumental in igniting a love for the English Language and are effective in helping their students speak and write better. These teachers are passionate about making English interesting and relevant to their students, and are innovative in engaging their students to help them learn English better. The Award salutes these teachers for their continual learning and constant efforts to upgrade themselves to benefit their students and schools.

ITEA 2016 Group_w Ps.jpg


Ms Naznin was also on 93.8 LIVE, check out her interview below!


For more details of her accomplishment, click on the button below

Find out more

Dunearnites Won the 5th Prize, 12th Prize and the Overall Best Team Award in the EDN Media National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2016

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016

EDN Media National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2016 - Photo 01
A total of 36 Dunearn Secondary School pupils participated in the EDN Media National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2016. The annual event was organized by the EDN Media with the aim to instil level of confidence and critical thinking skills in our pupils as well as to sharpen their writing skills. Siti Jannatul Arfiyah Bte Moharum and Syafia Bte Rismail of 4 Ruby did the school proud by being in the Top 30 and obtaining the 5th position and 12th position respectively out of 412 entries from 46 schools. Our school also walked away with the Overall Best Team Championship Trophy by winning 29 Gold and 7 awards.Well done Dunearnites!

EDN Media National Malay Essay Writing Competition 2016 - Photo 02

Dunearn Secondary School Clinched Gold Award in National Pushcart Challenge 2016

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016

National Pushcart Challenge 2016 - Photo 01

On 14th of August, six students from The Remix (Dunearn Entrepreneurship Club) participated in the National Pushcart Challenge 2016, organised by Republic Polytechnic. The team was made up of Allyson (2 Ruby), Afrina (2 Ruby), Farisya (2 Ruby), Kinston (2 Ruby), Isfahan (2 Pearl) and Dini (3 Diamond). The National Pushcart Challenge provides a platform for secondary students to showcase their innovative ideas and to cultivate spirit of enterprise among them.

Our students partnered with, a social enterprise which empowers women to build a better future for themselves. This organisation renders help to women who are facing currently difficulties in their lives, such as single mothers and those who have critical illness. 

Prior to the Pushcart Challenge, the students were tasked to design a poster, applying what they had learnt about social innovation and how to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged people in society. During the Pushcart Challenge, they sold customizable key rings to help raise funds for their partnered social enterprise. They also decorated the pushcart and presented their sales pitch to the panel judges. 

National Pushcart Challenge 2016 - Photo 02

Math Peer Mentoring

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016

Math Peer Mentoring - Photo 01
Over the past few years, Dunearn has been conducting the Maths Peer mentoring programme in partnership with Unity Primary School. In this mentoring programme that is conducted over the June holidays, student volunteers from Dunearn secondary school helped to mentor and guide Primary 6 Unity students in Maths. This year too, we witnessed Dunearn secondary students selflessly volunteering their time and effort to help Unity Primary students prepare well for their upcoming PSLE exams. 

Math Peer Mentoring - Photo 02
Math Peer Mentoring - Photo 03
Math Peer Mentoring - Photo 04
Math Peer Mentoring - Photo 05

Dunearn Emerged Champion for the Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge

Monday, 29 Aug 2016

Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge - Photo 01

Two teams of ten students from Dunearn Science Ambassador Programme (SAP) participated in the Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge at Republic Polytechnic on 21st July 2016. The teams took part in the Health & Food Analytics Category and the challenge was to create a healthy convenience food product and packaging for the elderly. More than 20 teams from several STEM ALP schools took part in the Challenge.

The teams spent a period of two months to develop their product and we are proud that the team comprising Cheah Siew Mun, Ho Jia Hui, Huang Wei Wen, Jolie Er and Stephen Png emerged Champion for the category. The team also showcased their product and receive the award from Guest of Honour, Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State for Ministry of Education during the Awards Ceremony at the HDB Hub on 24 Aug 2016.  

Related ST news article: Healthy barley fried rice a winner at Stem challenge

Watch the Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge 2016 (Health & Food Analytics) below!

Catch our Dunearnites at 1:20 onwards -  

Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge - Photo 02

Team comprising of Stephen Johan (2OP), Ho Jia Hui (2 OP), Cheah Siew Mun (2 OP), Jolie Er (3 SP) and Huang Wei Wen (3 E1) receiving their award from Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State for Ministry of Education during the showcase on 24 Aug 2016. 

Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge - Photo 03

Siew Mun explaining to the Guest of Honour, the packaging design for the healthy barley fried rice.

Shell STEM Young Innovation Challenge - Photo 04

Sec 1 Opalite Programme

Thursday, 25 Aug 2016

Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 01This year, the Math department embarked on a new programme called the Opalite Programme. The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To stretch the ability of the child by providing a greater rigour in the delivery of the curriculum
  2. To develop a greater interest in Mathematics by participating in enrichment workshops
  3. To develop greater critical and problem solving skills through exposing the child to some of the practical applications of Mathematics

As part of the enrichment aspects of this programme, the students attended enrichment workshops organised by Science Centre (Singapore). 

The first workshop in April was on ‘Winning Strategies 1: Monopoly’. During this workshop, students had a first-hand experience on the concept of Probability and how with the understanding and use of probability can actually increase the chances of one’s winnings.

The second workshop in August was on ‘Maths Model Making’. During this workshop, students explored in depth on the concept of Polygons. At the end of this workshop, students are more aware of how and why geometry is an essential part of our lives. They also had the opportunity to create 3D Mathematical shapes of their own.

Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 02Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 03Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 04

The students also visited the Mathematics exhibition where they were awed by the interesting facts about Mathematics and some of its applications.

Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 05

Sec 1 Opalite Programme - Photo 06