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Total Defence Day Commemorative Week 2017

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017

This year, the Humanities Department commemorated the significance of Total Defence Day by organising a series of learning experiences from 13th - 17th Feb 2017. With a changing social and political global landscape which brings along threats to Singapore’s security, it is timely to impress on students that it is the responsibility of all Singaporeans to ensure Singapore’s security. Students engaged in an activity called “Expressing our Allegiance, Pledges on a Flag” to pen down their loyalty, commitment, and willpower to overcome challenges.

pledges 2.jpeg 
As part of an enriching and immersive learning experience designed for the students during the Total Defence commemorative week, class representatives from each class participated in a Total Defence Exhibition organised by the Singapore Discovery Centre. As part of the exhibition, students were informed of the significance of the five pillars of total defence and participated in activities which highlighted their importance. They learnt how to put out fire, basic CPR skills and other useful life skills. More importantly, all of them had fun while learning.

TD Lecture.jpeg SDC Visit 1.jpeg CPR.jpg run.jpeg salute.jpeg