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Craft & Technology Department


Providing our pupils with opportunities to Explore, eXperience, Create, InnovaTE (EXCITE!), with a Dare-to-Think and Dare-to-Do attitude:

  • A person who dares to think understands the current practices, appreciates the rationale behind these practices, and yet has the courage to challenge them and think beyond for greater improvements.
  • A person who dares to do puts his/her thinking into actions, initiates new ideas and takes risks, is not afraid to make mistakes and learns from them.

Through the teaching and learning of Art, D&T, F&N and Music, we aim to nurture our
students and staff into compassionate, optimistic, collaborative and creative problem-





Mdm Fatimah SawifiHOD Craft and
Mr Wang Hong Wei 
SH Design & Technology
Ms Nurrulhuda Art
Ms Tay An Na Art Teacher
Ms Chen Pei LienD&T Teacher

Mr Foo Sheng HaoD&T Teacher
Mr Yap Heong Teck
D&T Teacher
Ms Ng Mei FerngF&N Teacher

Ms Siti Arnie Mohd Affandi

F&N Teacher

Ms Nur Diana Jailani F&N Teacher
Mr Vu Tien Dat
Music Teacher
Ms Khoo Mei Imm Faith
Music Teacher
Mdm Cindy Goh Kiah Ling
Music Teacher
Ms Farah Dilla Sulaiman
Allied Educator, Art

Mr Rohim Saat

D&T Instructor

Mr Tan Eng Khwan

D&T instructor

Curriculum Approach for Craft & Technology

Curriculum is designed along inquiry-based approach to increase intellectual engagement
and foster deep understanding through authentic and meaningful tasks, and research-based disposition towards teaching and learning.

This is to supplement the interconnected nature of knowledge construction, striving to
provide opportunities for both teachers and students to collaboratively build, test and
reflect on their learning.


Inquiry-Based Learning is introduced in lessons and in the process of making, which makes
students’ learning experiences relevant and in alignment to 21CC through:

  • developing competencies in the respective crafts through foundational knowledge, skills, and application in the craftwork/artefact and skills at lower secondary level;
  • use critical thinking and to synthesize the knowledge and skills gain through process thinking skills at upper secondary level;
  • enable pupils to experience the personal satisfaction and enjoyment in successfully completing tasks while enhancing their awareness of, and respect for, the values, attitudes and contributions of others through experiential and authentic learning, in tandem with Collaborative Learning and Self-Directed Learning;
  • use of Art Inquiry Model to for Inquiry-based Art Lesson Design and Design Thinking processes for D&T and F&N lesson design; and
  • integrating ICT into music lessons to engage pupils in self-directed learning and collaborative experiences.


Adopts AfL and Visible Thinking Strategies across the different units which includes
Formative Assessment with the following strategies:

- Self-Assessment;
- Peer Evaluation; and
- Rubric-Based Criterion Referencing