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Mother Tongue Department



Effective bilingual communicator of the 21st Century


Nuturing pupils to have a genuine love for Mother Tongue Languages and Cultures by creating an engaging environment


Ms Sharon Tai (HOD Mother Tongue)


Ms Ng Ying Fang (SH, Chinese Language) 黄盈芳老师
Mr Supandi Bin Djoeraemi (Senior Teacher, Malay Language)

Mdm Chao Yunn Jin


Mr Koh Geok Soon


Mdm Chen Meifan


Mdm Toh Li Yuh


Ms Chua Yen Joe


Ms Deng Kai Hua


Mr Yeong Hoi Wai

Ms Nurul Ain Binte Muzlan

Ms Syakira Binte Zainudin
Ms Siti Raudhah Binte Salleh

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Languages Reading Programme

We believe strongly in reading as the key to lay the language foundation of our students. Hence, the MTL structured reading programme has been one of the department’s key programme which aims to raise interest in learning of MTL through providing exposure to reading materials beyond the textbooks. Every level and stream is provided with a selected text with guided teaching materials and is infused as part of our MTL curriculum.

《弟子规》as part of Secondary One Chinese Language Curriculum

Since 2012, the school has adopted the use of Chinese literature classic《弟子规》"Di Zi Gui" as part of the Secondary 1 Chinese language curriculum. The key objective is to instill good behaviour and habits in students through infusing of character education in the Chinese Language subject.

The Chinese literature classic "Di Zi Gui" is a consolidation of Confucius philosophy on education. He believes in laying good foundation in character first before moving on to teaching of knowledge. This book is basically on the standards set by the Chinese since historical times on good behaviour of a student and child. It serves as a behavioural guide or model for students. This classic has been widely used in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as part of their curriculum to instill good behaviour and habits in students.

We believe very strongly that teaching and learning of character education has to be student-centred but teacher-driven so as to achieve the desired outcomes.

Aesthetic Exposure in Malay Language Curriculum

The Malay language subject has always placed strong emphasis on the need for understanding of the rich cultural heritage and values of the Malay Language. One of key approach is to infuse aesthetic experiences in the subject. Through these extensive aesthetic exposure students are deeply rooted to their Mother Tongue culture and at the same time, develop strong appreciation of the Malay Language. These aesthetic experiences include drama, musical and learning of traditional Malay instruments. The debating and writing workshop conducted annually for various levels had strengthened our students’ writing and speaking skills. These have also allowed our students to achieve top placing in many nationals and inter-schools competition for e.g. Berita Harian National Inter-School Malay Debate and National Malay Essay Writing Competition.

Other Programmes

  • MTL Fortnight Programme
  • MT Cross Cultural Camp (Sec 1s)
  • Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES)
  • Chinese Language Bridging Programme (Sec 1 NA)