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Humanities Department


The Humanities department aims to provide the Humane Side of Education. The department,with its many subjects, has a special role to play in guiding pupils in meaningful experience of the past, making informed decisions in the present and planning for a better future so that they will stay relevant in a fast changing, globalised world, yet staying rooted within the society.






Mr Mohammad Hisham

HOD Humanities

Upper Sec Elective History / Social Studies

Mrs Veronica KohSH GeographyLower Sec Geography and Upper Sec Elective

Ms Lailtha Savathan

ST Geography

Lower Sec Geography, Upper Sec Elective Geography

Mdm ZaharahST History
Lower Sec History, Upper Sec History Elective

Mrs Hazel Lee

HOD N Course

Lower and Upper Sec History, Elements of Business Skills

Mr Tang Chee KuanYear Head (Lower Sec)Lower Sec History, Upper Sec History

Ms Leong Sweet Lee


Elements of Business Skills (EBS)

Ms Dewi Marlina

SH CCE (Internal)

Lower Sec Geography, Upper Sec Elective Geography, Upper Sec Social Studies

Mr Soon Suan Boon


Upper Sec Elective Geography, Lower Sec Geography

Mr Lo Tin Chee Alex


Lower Sec Geography, Upper Sec Elective and Full Geography, Upper Sec Social Studies

Mr Sohail Basiron


Upper Sec Elective Geography, Lower Sec Geography
Ms Beatrice Tan  TeacherLower and Upper Sec 

Mr Tey Giin Yang

Allied Educator           Social Studies(NT), Elements of Business Skills (EBS)

Ms Nur Fatimah Mohamed ShafieeTeacher Lower and Upper Sec Geography, Social 
Ms Soh Yu MiTeacherSocial Studies / English 
Ms Cindy GohTeacherPrinciples of Accounting /
Ms Leung Sin YungTeacherSocial Studies /

Key Programmes

Curriculum Approach for Humanities Subjects

• Adopting the IBL (Inquiry Based Learning) for Humanities subjects to deepen understanding.

• Focus on skills building for lower secondary History /Geography / Social Studies as a pathway in students’ preparation for Combined Humanities in the upper secondary.

• Focus on teaching of critical thinking skills (beyond exam skills) to help students develop a disciplinary understanding of various subjects including EBS and POA.

• Teaching beyond content knowledge, with focus on conceptual understanding of various disciplines.

• Employing various structured questioning techniques to assess students understanding.

Learning Journeys / Projects structured into the curriculum

Sec 1 and 2 Geographical and Historical Investigation 

The Secondary 1 and 2 Geography and History classes embark on syllabus which focus on investigation and field studies. The syllabuses employ the inquiry approach with field experience incorporated. These include skills of questioning techniques, interviewing an other communication skills and data gathering.

Social Studies Enrichment Field Trips / Learning Journeys

Students of various groups taking the Social Studies Syllabus will visit places such as the Parliament House, ISD Heritage Centre, SDC or the CPIB Heritage Centre to develop deeper understanding of the workings of the government and greater awareness of students’ own diverse role as citizens of Singapore.

Upper Secondary Compulsory Geographical Investigations 

Geography students in the upper secondary classes do field investigations in school and also outdoors. Similar to the lower sec GI and HI research processes, these provide them with various research skills in areas of weather, climate and tourism studies.

Optional Enrichment

POA Workshop 

Participation provides Principles of Accounts students an opportunity to prepare them for O level examinations.

Job / Industrial Attachment

Selected students from POA or / and EBS will acquire authentic work experience during the attachment stint.