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Our History


Old School Photo

Dunearn Secondary School was established in 1962 as Dunearn Government Chinese Middle School . In 1969, it amalgamated with Dunearn Vocational School to become Dunearn Secondary School. The Chinese stream was phased out in 1986.

The former school logo and motto is show below.

School Logo

School Motto

A glimpse of the "life and times" in the former school can be seen in the Dunearn Secondary 10th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine 1969 -1979.

In 1993, the school moved to its present site at Bukit Batok.

Current School at Bukit Batok

The school provides a holistic education for all its pupils. We believe that all pupils have the potential to learn and that, through determination and discipline, they will achieve optimum growth, in a challenging, supportive and caring environment. The school received Academic Value-Added Award (Bronze) for the Express stream in 2007 and the Normal (Academic) stream in 2009. In addition, the school received the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups in 2009 and 2010.

Over the years, the school has been ably led by experienced and respected Principals:

Jan 1962 – Jun 1962

Mr Liu Meng Cheng

Jun 1962 – Jun 1968

Mr Wong Kai Ping

Jun 1968 – Dec 1971

Mr Tsai Tswai Lin

Dec 1971 – Jun 1975

Mr Wee Heng Tin

Jun 1975 – Dec 1978

Mr Wong Kai Ping

Dec 1978 – Sep 1980

Mr Sim Hock Hye

Sep 1980 – Dec 1982

Mr Ho Juan Beng

Jan 1983 – Dec 1983

Mr Tan Kiok Ngiap

Dec 1983 – Nov 1987

Mr R. Ramachandra

Dec 1987 – Dec 1991

Ms Peck Soo Hong

Dec 1991 – Dec 1997

Ms Tay Bee Hian Dorothy

Dec 1997 – Dec 2003

Mrs Catherine Seah

Dec 2003 – Dec 2009

Mr Wong Lok Oon

Dec 2009 – Dec 2015 Mr Boo Hian Kok
Dec 2015 – Present Mdm Tan Miao Ling