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Sports Safety

Sports Safety

Sports safety is an important area in schools. The school adheres to guidelines laid out by MOE as well as the Singapore Sports Council.

For the press release from MOE on Sports Safety in School, please click here. The article can also be found at the MOE website under Media, 2010 Press releases (December).

For more information on School Sports Safety from the SSC, please click here.

Parents may refer to the SSC sports safety resources available here.


Cycling is a lifestyle choice; MOE does not consider cycling as a core life skill that schools need to teach to students. While MOE promotes programmes on cycling safety for students who are already cyclists, our school does not promote cycling as a means of transport to and from schools. 

Students are discouraged to cycle to and from school as the traffic conditions around the school’s location is not ideal for cycling. We encourage our students to cycle at safe and designated places, such as the parks and the park connectors.  

However, should a child is allowed to cycle to school from home, please take note of the following:  

1. Given the hazards that cyclists may encounter, the school is concerned about the safety of students who cycle to school. 

2. It is thus important for parents to remind their child to take the necessary safety precautions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Before cycling to school, always make sure that the bicycle is in good working condition.  Bicycles should ideally be fitted with front and rear lights and a bell. Parent or child should ensure that the bicycle’s brakes, chains, tires, lights and bell are well-maintained and are in good working order.   
  • A child who cycles to school should always wear protective gear, such as a helmet, proper shoes (if there are shoelaces, they should be properly tied), and elbow and knee pads to protect against injuries.    
  •  A child who cycles to school should be reminded not to use his or her mobile phone, even with an in-ear attachment, or listen to music through earphones while cycling.   
3. A child who cycles to school is advised to secure his or her bicycle at the bicycle racks located on the school premises. The school will not be responsible for the loss of, or any damage, to the child’s bicycle.