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Sec 1 Registration for Academic Year 2021

General Information

Due to Safe Management Measures implemented in all Singapore schools, for the upcoming S1 Reporting and Registration Day in December, parents and students are to take note of the following:

  • Students and parents are not required to physically report to their posted secondary school, on the next working day following the release of S1 Posting Results. You are encouraged to use the mode of electronic registration. 
  • Dunearn Secondary School will provide information such as booklist, instructions on online purchase of books and uniforms and reporting details when school reopens in 2021 through the school's website. Please refer to the Sec 1 Information for Parents slides here for more details.
  • The school will also communicate with parents of the incoming Secondary 1 students via the school website and PG or SMS from the afternoon of the day the Secondary 1 posting results are released. (22nd December 2020)
  • For other important registration matters such as the letter informing parents on their child’s eligibility to take Higher Mother Tongue or to take a subject at a higher stream, parents are encouraged to complete and submit the necessary forms electronically via e-mail / PG in order to reduce the need for parents to go to school physically. 

  • Should parents or students need to go to school physically for the Sec 1 registration, Dunearn Secondary School will put in place strict Safe Management Measures. Only one parent or guardian will be allowed to accompany each student to attend the Sec 1 registration in person in school.   
  • Your child should report to Dunearn Secondary School when school reopens on 4th January 2021, even if you intend to appeal for a transfer.

Purchase of Books, Stationaries and Uniforms

Parents and students will have the following options to purchase their books and uniforms as part of our Safe Management Measures:

  • Online purchase order through the link here. The password to access the online purchase order is 668822. Online purchase order will start from the date of Secondary 1 Reporting Day. (23rd December 2020). Please read through the Sec 1 Information for Parents slides here carefully, especially on the SBB section, before making any book purchase.
  • Purchase from the school bookshop in person should parents and students choose to report physically in school on the date of Secondary 1 Reporting Day.
  • Purchase from the school bookshop in person between 28 Dec and 30 Dec based on specified timing and dates according to class allocation.
  • Purchase from school bookshop in the first week of Jan 2021 during Sec One Orientation Programme (SOOP) week. (Recommended)

  •  The book lists can be found here

Application for Transfer into Dunearn Secondary School

For students who wish to transfer into Dunearn Secondary School, please proceed to fill in and submit the application form here

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