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Creative Dunearnites (2015)

2015 Ice Cream Making Competition

2015 Ice Cream Making Competition - Submission 2015 Ice Cream Making Competition - Members

On the 10th of Jan, our team which comprised of Choo Yik Xin (3 Topaz), Clara Betina Tabang (3 Sapphire), Lynette Cho (3 Sappire) and myself, Khor Yuan Jen of 3 Topaz participated in the “Ice Cream Making Competition” organized by Nanyang Polytechnic. We were tasked to show off our creativity and come up with a "truly Singaporean" ice-cream flavour in conjunction with SG50 celebrations this year. After several brain storming sessions within the group and with our FCE teacher-in-charge, Ms Arnie, we decided to create a kopi-toast ice cream flavour to signify our uniquely Singaporean desert.

The journey wasn't a smooth sailing one from planning to conception. During the planning stage, we assigned roles for each other to ease the cooperation process. However, with the roles in place, that did not totally diminished the arguments as all of us had different ideas on how to carry out this process. For the recipe, we had to try it out a few times and then modify the taste of the ice-cream to a palate agreed by all members of the group. It was all thanks to Ms Arnie, who was with us throughout the entire process, guiding us on how to prepare and perfect the recipe.

Looking back, working together as a team requires a lot of communication and commitment by all members of the group. In times of crisis, it is very easy to point fingers in all direction, thus losing sight of what we need to do to attain the goal. As a team, we have learnt that it is important to listen to the views held by all members of the group even if we do not agree with the views, and it is only by listening, and open honest discussion, can we collaborate together effectively as a team to complete the task at hand. We believe it is through these values and actions which enabled us to succeed and attain second runner-up in this competition.