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Parents Gateway

Introducing Parents Gateway

Parents Gateway is a digital service that connects parents / legal guardians and schools on key administrative matters. Parent's Gateway is available as a mobile app on Google Play or Apple store. To login, you will be required to use your Singpass. If you do not have a Singpass account, you may go to Singpass Registration to register for a Singpass account.

With the app, you will receive school letters, announcements and consent forms more conveniently and giving consent for your child's school activities is as easy as a tap on your mobile screen.  

Updating the Parents Gateway App

It is important to update the Parent's Gateway App periodically to ensure that you receive the latest features. To assist you, you may refer to the following infographics.




Is the app difficult to use?
The interface is user friendly and straightforward.  Parent's and pilot schools involved in the early trials have provided useful feedback on the user interface. However, the development team will continue to listen to feedback and make the necessary improvements where possible.

I do not have a mobile phone or data plan. Will I still receive school announcements and consent forms?
Answer- Yes. The respective form teacher for your child's class will distribute the respective forms through your child. However, using the app ensures that you receive the school documents or consent forms in a more timely manner. 

I do not have a Singpass account. Do I need to apply for one? Why do I need to use a Singpass account to log in?
A Singpass account is a secure mode of access for many government online services. For more information, you can go to  Instructions to register for an account. 

Must both parents respond for consent forms?
No. Only one parent is needed to respond for consent forms. Once a response is received from either parent, no further response is needed.