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Voices of Dunearn

Tan Eee Hong (Alumni, 2008)

Dunearn Secondary School is no normal secondary school; It is an institution that has its sights beyond academic excellence and one that emphasizes on character excellence. I am privileged to have received a holistic education at Dunearn Secondary School.

To say my alma mater has changed the trajectory of my life is no overstatement. Under the guidance and care of dedicated teachers at Dunearn Secondary School, I have found direction and purpose amidst the turbulent teenage years. I would have never understood the meaning of ‘leadership’ and ‘service’ if Dunearn Secondary School had not generously offered me opportunities to grow and develop. 5 years later, I return to Dunearn Secondary School with a grateful heart. I believe in the Chinese idiom ‘饮水思源’, which means that "when you drink water you must be grateful to the source" and thought it would be appropriate to give back to a place which has given me much.

I might not have achieved much as of now but the lessons I learnt at Dunearn Secondary School have inspired me to always stay determined and disciplined, to always serve with empathy and to always give my best.

To all current students, being in Dunearn Secondary School has been a privilege for me. It has defined my identity and stays till this day the best moment in my life. As you embrace challenges and difficulties that come your way, I pray that you might ever stay determined and disciplined in your convictions. In that way, I am certain that the Dunearn experience will definitely be an amazing and unforgettable one for you.

Tan Eee Hong (Alumni, 2008)

Mohamed Ressal B Mohamed (Alumni,2006)

Dunearn Sec leaves no student behind. They have staff that are very caring and are willing to help students in any way.

Every Dunearnite who has graduated from the school have benefited after going through the different variety of school programmes, programmes that develop their character and academic performance. I'm sure that every Dunearnites will be successful in the near future.

Mohamed Ressal B Mohamed (Alumni,2006)

Dunearn was a unfamiliar name to me when I was selecting secondary school in 2005, definitely not one of my top few choices. However, fate has gotten me into this school which is now to me a second home. Dunearn gave me a lot of memories from valuable friendship, to gaining experiences and confidence through opportunities given throughout the 4 years. Teachers in Dunearn are just like another set of parents. Constantly nagging, chasing after work and lecturing us for not doing things the right way but that was tough love, or rather a type of unconditional love I felt other than from my own family. Of course, Dunearn is where I found true friends that are still close to me now.

Now, being an alumni gives me a chance to inspire my juniors and sharing my experiences with them. It's just like earning younger brothers and sisters and nurturing them to become a better person. The school is just like another pillar of support for me for it has been the one that made me grown into someone I never thought I could be. I never regretted penning down Dunearn as one of my choice.

Cai Yan (Alumni)

The time I spent in Dunearn was the most enjoyable time of my life as it is where I learnt so much and made so many great friends. Secondary school life is one that everyone will undergo and being able to do it here gives me a sense of achievement. Every batch of students come and go, yet the passionate teachers are here to guide all of us so that they can get the best out of us academically and the potential to excel. This is the place where I developed my leadership skills and it really helped me through my life.

Even after graduating a few years back, I still feel that giving back to the school is all I can do to repay them. Being a Junior Alumni, our main aim is to train those who are younger than us to be better leaders and share our experience with them in the student council. By doing so, we can continue to develop potential and pass on the knowledge like a cycle. Secondly, after leaving the school, our Alumni proves as a platform for all graduates to come back and gather because we might not get to see each other as much as we want to due to all our various busy commitments outside. I am truly grateful for all the time I spent here.

Andrew Ong (Alumni)

Lit Jun Hao (Alumni, 2005)

Dunearn is just like a second home to me, a place which developed me to become a better person. When i was in Dunearn, everyone entered the school as unpolished gems but left the school as sparkling diamonds. This is the place that taught me to be a determined and discipline person, something i realise is very important when one progresses in life. A place rich in history and milestones, I am very proud to play a little part in it and I hope Dunearn will continue to polish every special gem and turn them into a sparkling diamond.

Lit Jun Hao (Alumni, 2005)