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About Us

Dunearn Secondary School


Dunearn Secondary School - School Photo

Our Vision

Lifelong Learners, Caring Leaders

Our Mission

Nurturing Dunearnites to learn with passion and lead with purpose

Our Motto

Determined and Disciplined


R3ICH: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, Harmony

Strategic Thrusts

Strategic Thrust 1: Nurturing Leaders through Holistic Development

Strategic Thrust 2: Facilitating Purposeful Learning and Value-Added Academic Achievement

Strategic Thrust 3: Enhancing Staff Capacity and Motivation

Strategic Thrust 4: Promoting Administrative and Operational Excellence, and Partnerships

School Song

As I enter Dunearn's gates
My heart swells up with pride and hope
This is where I work and play
It's the place that helps me grow
Determined and disciplined
Our watchwords for success
We will always do our best
To bring glory to our school
In Dunearn we care and share with one another
We strive to gain knowledge and skills
We face all challenges
We endure all pressures
Overcome all obstacles
United as a team
From Dunearn we will emerge responsible and confident
We're determined and disciplined
We're Dunearn!