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1. Why do I get a blank page after clicking some links?

The link may have been modified or are no longer available. Please click on the back button and contact us.

2. What are the operating hours of the General Office?

Monday to Friday, 0730hrs to 1730hrs

3. What subjects does Dunearn offer at upper sec?

Please click here to view the subject combination for upper secondary levels.

4. What are Dunearn’s Special Programmes?

Please click here to view our special programmes.

5. What are the CCAs in the school?

Please click here to view the CCAs in Dunearn Secondary School.

6. Who is eligible for the Edusave Account?

Every Singaporean student at primary or secondary level in the Government or Government-aided schools (GGAS) will receive an annual contribution into his Edusave account in January of the year.