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Home Based Learning

In view of the evolving Covid 19 situation, Full Home-Based Learning or FHBL will be conducted 8th April to 4th May 2020 to ensure that learning continues even during this challenging period.

A variety of learning and teaching modalities will be used to support your child's learning. These include the child's textbooks, workbooks, written assignments and IT tools such as SLS, Google applications, kahoot, quizizz, video lessons with zoom, google meet etc. In addition, students can make use of existing class and subject whatsapp channels to communicate with their form and subject teachers when they need help in their assignments / administrative matters. 

As we are starting out with HBL, there may be initial challenges and unforseen technical issues. We hope to have your kind understanding while we address the challenges. Do let us have your feedback for improvement.

The following guiding principles to make learning more meaningful and enjoyable
have also been communicated to your child during "Form Teachers' Time". 

  • Each of the lessons (with the exception of PE), will take approximately an hour of focused attention, with some lessons being online-based.
  • Do remember to take breaks between lessons.
  • We strongly encourage all students to start each learning day at 8 am daily.
  • If students have queries, they may contact their form or subject teachers between 8am to 3pm, except on weekends and public holidays.
  • Please contact the relevant subject teacher for specific assistance.
  • If students need technical assistance, they may contact the school at 6565 3692. However, for SLS password reset, please refer to SLS password reset page on this website. 
  • Students may do the lessons in any order they prefer for each learning day
  • The form teachers will be in touch with students regularly to address any learning issues they may face, and to provide them with emotional and educational support.

HBL schedule

The HBL schedule for the current exercise is as follows. Note that the abbreviations used can be found in the child's timetable. In addition, the various subject teachers will be communicating closely with your child on the learning tasks and assignments via SLS, class or subject group Whatsapp and other channels. A copy of the schedule will be disseminated to your child by the form teachers. 

At the end of each week's HBL, the form teachers will check in with your child on how they are coping with the work and assignments and more importantly, their general well-being. 

SLS Support

For help in SLS resetting, they should first refer to the SLS page found under the Student's menu above. 

Helpline for Additional Support

During the circuit breaker period, students can also reach out for additional emotional or psychological support should the need arises. For more information, you may contact Mdm Fitriah Abdul Ghani at