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JC/MI/Poly/ITE Admission

Entry requirements for Junior Colleges / Centralised Institute / Polytechnics / Institutes of Technical Education

Admission into Junior Colleges (2-years ‘A’ level course)

An aggregate score between 6 to 20 is required, computed with the grades obtained for 6 subjects (L1R5)

Admission into Centralised Institute (3-years ‘A’ level course)

An aggregate score between 5 to 20 is required, computed with the grades obtained for 5 subjects (L1R4)

  • English (L1), and
  • 4 Relevant subjects (R4), of which at least 2 subjects must be from the Mathematics, Science or Humanities group. CCA may be counted as the fifth subject.

In addition, for admission into JC / CI, the following subjects are required:

  • English
  • Mother Tongue
  • Mathematics or Additional Mathematics

- A1 to C6

- A1 to D7

- A1 to D7

Admission into Polytechnics

The ranking criteria for selection will be based in the aggregate score of 5 subjects (L1R2B2): English, Mathematics or Additional Mathematics, Science and two other relevant subjects (depending on the course chosen).

Admission into Institutes of Technical Education



Higher National ITE Certificate (Higher NITEC)

GCE ‘O’ Level holders and ‘N’ Level holders with L1MAB3 ≤ 19 points

National ITE Certificate (NITEC)

GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level holders

In addition to these full-time courses, there are also Apprenticeship Training Programmes available, where there will be on-the-job training under the supervision of an experienced trainer in a company.