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Rules and Regulations

1. Flag-Raising Ceremony

All students are to assemble at the Parade Square with their respective classes by 0730 hrs from Mondays to Fridays. Students who are not with their respective classes by 0730 hrs are deemed late.

Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. 

 Foreign students must stand to attention.

2. Attire

School Uniform - Girls/ Boys

Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is strictly not allowed.

For female students

  • Dark blue skirt must be just touching the knees.
  • Coloured undergarments are not allowed.

For male students

  • Dark blue shorts for Lower Secondary males.
  • Dark blue pants for Upper Secondary males.

For male and female students

  • Short-sleeved white blouse (pointed collar) with pocket on the left.
  • The school badge must be sewn on the shirt pocket.
  • Shirts and blouse must be tucked into the pants / shorts / skirts at all times.
  • Plain white ankle socks are to be worn.
  • Only white canvas or white sport shoes are to be worn.

3. Personal Grooming

 BHair Style - Girls/ Boys

Dyeing, tinting or highlighting of hair and tattoos are not allowed. In addition, all students must observe the following:

For female students

  • Long hair should be plaited or tied back neatly with a black or dark blue ribbon. Only black or dark-blue hair bands should be used where necessary.
  • Fringes should not touch the eyebrows. Long fringes must be neatly managed.

For male students

  • All boys must wear a short and neat hairstyle.
  • Fringes must not go below the level of the eyebrows and hair must not touch the collar and/or the ears. Side-burns are not allowed.
  • Any inappropriate / outlandish styles are not allowed.
  • The school management reserves the right to reject any new hairstyle it deems inappropriate for school.
  • Wearing of moustache and beard are not allowed. Boys must maintain a clean-shaven appearance at all times in school.

4. Other Aspects of Personal Grooming

The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Jewellery such as chains, necklaces, rings or bracelets (e.g. leather bangles, friendship bands and rainbow looms) are not to be worn as part of the school uniform.
  • Coloured contact lenses, cosmetics, long nails, fake nails, nail polish or henna staining.
  • Ear-sticks / nose-studs / eye-lid studs. However, girls are permitted to wear a pair of plain ear-studs at the earlobes.

5. Absence from School

All students are required to attend school regularly and take responsibility for their own learning. Students must submit a Medical Certificate or parent’s / guardian’s letter to their Form Teachers on the day of return to school. Not more than 3 parent’s / guardian’s letter are allowed per Term.

6. Within School – Student Movement

  • Students are not allowed to leave the classrooms during lessons without subject teachers’ permission. A 'Student Movement Pass’ is required and this must be prominently displayed on the shirt pocket.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during curriculum time without permission. A ‘Permission to Leave School Premises’ form from the Discipline Department is required.
  • For transition of periods, only the in-coming Subject Teacher is to give permission to students to leave the class. The ‘Movement Pass’ is to be displayed prominently on the shirt pocket.

7. Possession of weapon / weapon-like item

All students are not allowed to have in their possession of any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

8. Offences

Students who fail to comply adequately with the school's Rules and Regulations will be subjected to disciplinary action. The list of offences (non-exhaustive) and consequences are:

  • Frequent late-coming 
  • Inappropriate attire / grooming          
  • Modification to the school uniform         
  • Disruptive behaviour in class         
  • During curriculum time, all mobile electronic device (e.g. mobile phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets or Laptops) usage is restricted to the school canteen. Mobile electronic devices are not to be taken out during lessons and are not to be charged in school. (Curriculum hours commences at 7.30am and end once the student has finished his/her lessons, including remedial lessons and tutorials)
  • Inappropriate attire/ grooming and modification to the school uniform
  • Inform parents
  • Counselling
  • Detention
  • Out-of-class suspension
  • Late-coming: 3rd time onward - Detention followed by home involvement and "Fair" conduct grade to be given to student who has been late for 9 times or more
  • For Inappropriate attire and grooming:
    • First time offenders - will be given warning and parents will be informed. They will have to rectify it by the following week. 
    • Repeated Offenders will be dealt as a defiance case
  • Defiance and rudeness to teachers and prefects 
  • Use of vulgar / obscene / abusive / threatening words
  • Truancy
  • Skipping lessons 
  • Leaving school without permission 
  • Bullying/ Cyberbullying 
  • Improper or misbehaviour in public places 
  • Smoking/ possession of cigarettes, lighters and tobacco product 
  • Cheating in tests / examinations
  • Fighting/ assault/ rioting/ voluntarily causing hurt
  • Vandalism
  • Substance / drug abuse
  • Other serious offences
  • Conference with parents
  • Counselling 
  • Detention
  • Out-of-class suspension
  • Caning (parents will be informed of the caning thereafter)
  • Out-of-school suspension
  • "Fair" conduct
  • Referral to the authorities (police/ CNB/ Health Sciences Authority/ MCYS)
  • Expulsion

The school reserves the right to decide on the appropriate consequences that will lead to the best learning outcome for the student.